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    I made this post about Tips on Badminton. Badminton is an aggressive sport. It is played by two players (singles) or for players (doubles). Badminton court is only divided by a net. Points are scored by striking a shuttlecock with the racquet over the net. If shuttlecock touches the ground then the point has been scored. Below there are some Tips On Badminton that can be useful when playing badminton. Badminton tips and tricks can help you score more points and win a match.

    Serving & Position

    The most important thing that new players should start with is badminton serve techniques.

    Always take time to practice serving. Good serving can save a lot of points. A lot of players serve wrong and lost points easily. Take your time to practice serving. I would suggest using foolproof methods to the server. Always use the same method until it is perfected. Hold the shuttlecock over your racquet. Let it fall and hit it with the racquet.

    Standing in the right position can save you a lot of running. This is one very good tip on badminton. If this is done right then you can reach to any places shuttlecock is hit. This takes some practicing but it is nothing hard to do. Always stand at the center of your half court. After hitting the shuttlecock, run back to the center of your court. This way you can get all shuttlecocks from the same distance.

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    Speed & Strength

    It is not always about how fast your feet are. Body moving is also an important thing. There is a reason to get tired fast by running as fast as you can. Use your body to get strike shuttlecocks easily. These are good tips on badminton. It is not all about just striking shuttlecock. Strikes have to have some strength on them so it would be difficult for your opponent to strike it back. That means it is important to build up some muscles for gaining strength. Check This Out good morning

    Mental strategy

    Badminton can be considered a mental game as much as it is a physical game. You have to think every time you strike shuttlecock. You have to analyze your opponent completely. That gives you some pluses. Knowing your opponents' minutes can be very useful. For example, some are very slow runners. Then you can do strikes that make your opponent run much. Always analyze your opponent. It is very important to tip for you. That can bring wins easily.

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